fried squash blossoms August 22, 2007

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Wow, I loved these. Sooo yummy. My lovely blossoms were a treasured gift from last night! To preserve them until today, when I could prepare them properly, I nested them in a damp paper towel and refrigerated ’til tonight. I made the batter according to recipe, and dipped the babies, then gently laid them in hot oil, seconds away from popping.

gentle fry

I let them cook a total of 3-4 minutes, turning once. Next, I drained them, plated them, and promptly ate them.

squash blossom

You know who you are…thanks ❤


4 Responses to “fried squash blossoms”

  1. curlykale Says:

    mmmm… next time I’ll try to make sure more survive to bring to you. ❤

  2. insomnisnack Says:

    three was perfect! it was meant to be.

  3. denisem718 Says:

    These are so pretty, they remind me of a perfect tempura. Maybe you could do a vegetable tempura with a similar batter; sweet potato slices, asparagus spears, mushrooms, broccoli, onions, lemon slices, etc. And you could create a really interesting dipping sauce? What do you think?

  4. insomnisnack Says:

    Yes, the batter recipe was a perfect recommendation and gift. Very simple to make. Light enough for a crispy texture without competing with the squash blossoms. Lemon slices – I didn’t think of that! and can already imagine the fragrance. I will think more about the dipping sauce. Thanks, Niece!

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