Egg creams and Summer Refreshers September 2, 2007

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I had the most wonderful evening, and am experiencing a flood of emotions right now. But since this blog is about food, I will express myself through libations. Our recent weather has been pretty hot, with clear skies and the occasional breeze. Perfect for egg creams or Summer Refreshers! I eyeballed the egg cream recipe, using seltzer, milk (I forgot that I’d taken my soy milk to work for cereal consumption, so I actually used cow’s milk and it was pretty good), and a stream of chocolate syrup. MMMM-delish!

egg cream

For the Summer Refresher, I used a memory of this drink Haagen Dazs used to carry years ago. It was a sparkly, citrus-y, sorbet-ey, and creamy float. All that and it came with a long handled spoon! Enjoy –

summer refresher


4 Responses to “Egg creams and Summer Refreshers”

  1. sprue Says:

    Mmm, wow! Strawberry, lemonade and cream. There is a cream flavor you don’t taste every day. You should market it. It is so tasty. The egg cream, not so much.

  2. curlykale Says:

    I love summer drinks. Floats and egg creams and spraklers yes!

    also herbal infusions, herby fruity minty lemony things.

  3. curlykale Says:

    ummm.. sparklers, not spraklers.

  4. insomnisnack Says:

    🙂 maybe spraklers are a drink that we need to create? I love herby fruity minty lemony things…stay tuned. That is today’s drink, I think. Summer Refreshers Part 2 ❤

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