frittata: potatoes, black beans, salsa verde September 11, 2007

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This frittata is great if you’re following along and making your own versions of these other recipes, finding yourself with leftover eggs, a bit of cheese, some potatoes, and an heirloom tomato. Okay, I did buy an onion, 5 tomatillos and a $.99 can of black beans, but that’s it. Leah gave me the avocado1 (in that way when people want to let you know they care so they stuff miscellaneous objects into your hands when you leave. I am the QUEEN of that move! Two important statements or inquiries I’ve had since the inception of this blog are 1) that I’m lucky to live in California and have access to bountiful, fresh produce, and 2) do I find myself needing to shop all the time or do I have unused food. Yes, California grocers do have a lot to offer and yes lately I’ve been foodshopping more frequently. But it is the better type of shopping, where I spend $5-$10 and make a concoction that lasts for several meals. For example, that pizza was extremely tasty and fast to make but after 8 meals of it, enough was enough. I hate to lose the glamour edge of my blog posts, but that’s the truth. (Added 9/15/07 – Not worth losing the glamour edge!! I was happy to move on to another dish after I finished my pizza groceries, but even after the 7th time it was way better than getting Cybelle’s. Again, I want to encourage others to give over to the joy that is foodart. And you’re always welcome for a meal and doubly welcome to take leftovers with you.) The frittata contents are those potatoes from last time, shredded zucchini (oops, I bought that too!), cheddar cheese, and slices of tomato. Yum!


This won’t last long! Final frittata moments…

final frittata moments


6 Responses to “frittata: potatoes, black beans, salsa verde”

  1. denisem718 Says:

    The frittata looks yummy! I love eggs and I think the tomatillo sauce and black beans were inspired. I also love avocado, so I give a shout out of much love to Leah! Again, beautiful colors and photos. Maybe the produce will be enough to get me to move to California…

  2. insomnisnack Says:

    Whatever it takes!

  3. sprue Says:

    That came out looking great. I was impressed by the “from stove to oven double cook” method.

  4. insomnisnack Says:

    Thanks! You make good looking egg dishes as well – as always, help yourself to what’s in the fridge. Except my beer.

  5. insomnisnack Says:

    PS. You’re not moving to California – I’ve fallen for that trick before! Lucky for you there’s California-minded stores popping up even in ATL.

  6. insomnisnack Says:

    1. It has been suggested that I was taking away from an implied compliment by directing attention to my own “Queen” status at giving gifts in this way when words are not forthcoming. I strike that section of the post.

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