gimme til thursday… September 26, 2007

Filed under: food — insomnisnack @ 10:55 pm

I miss cooking! I will be back tomorrow with a new post. I’m thinking tamales o frites & veggie burgers. Meanwhile enjoy these miscellaneous photos involving foodstuff. Animal foodies downloaded from cuteoverload, pear philosophy spied on the side of a vegetable purveyor’s truck parked near my work.



pear philosophy


2 Responses to “gimme til thursday…”

  1. denisem718 Says:

    I miss your posts too! I am anxious to see the next culinary masterpiece, but this will help tide me over. I especially love the quote about the pear.

  2. masoneatstoo Says:

    Somehow I bet the original quote said, “…when it’s perfect to eat.” That guy Emerson, boy could he contract.

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