ginger cupcake with candied ginger cream October 21, 2007

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My father passed away in 2005, but he still is with me every day – sitting across from me on the MUNI train, in a stranger’s smile, and in the person i strive to be. I’ve never known a more patient, kind person. Ask anyone who knew him. This gingerbread cake is a childhood favorite (my mom’s recipe), with my own twist. She can bake like the dickens and he loved every pie, cake, tea cookie, and pumpkin bread from her kitchen.

I love you, Dad!

John Robinson
October 21, 1940 – February 10, 2005

ginger cupcakes

ginger cupcake with candied ginger cream



cupcake fits and starts October 16, 2007

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I have good news and nearly good news…
The good news is that I made some delectable vegan cupcakes from my favorite, funny cookbook – Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. And it’s true what they promise. These tasty, tender, moist-y cupcakes could in fact take over the world if you’re not paying close attention. I will do anything they say. Top your chocolate crumb with a dollop more fluffy buttercream frosting? Yes. Garnish you with freshly harvested lavender leaves for fragrant goodness? Yes.

The nearly good news is that I am working on a special recipe or “design” for my cupcake entry. Normally I would just let things fly into my head, or pick from a recipe I always wanted to try. But the due date, October 21, is my dad’s birthday. And the idea to enter is Larisa’s. These cupcakes are deserved of something special! So bear with me. I am thinking.


fall-ish halloween contests! October 10, 2007

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Larisa shared a couple of themed contests for me to consider entering (isn’t she great? grateful for the nudge). I’m *so* excited to make something for these!! Expect to see an entry in the cupcake bake shop’s Cupcake Roundup II and another in Lorigami’s supercute halloween bento contest. This weekend (before or after or maybe even during Andy’s blowout houseparty) I plan to work my mojo on some marzipan and other willing objects…I’m feelin’ krafty!


banana squash curry and golden quinoa October 8, 2007

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I’ve mentioned that I’ve found myself in the situation of eating 6 meals in a row of the same dish. What’s the best solution for that? Make two dishes (see previous post)!! I revisited my cache of recipes saved at the epicurious site for this one. I didn’t have much prep because I purchased a quartered squash, and had peeled carrots from a previous dish. It was a pretty quick stew, in fact. All in all, 25 minutes. The quinoa took about 20 minutes to cook. I left out the onion, but kept the garlic and turmeric for color. I like to bring my lunch to work, and this one will be a nice reminder of the weekend.

banana squash stew

quinoa and curry


panini: two choices to love

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Looking back, I recall a prompt to make panini. Thanks, Niece! Well here you go…two versions to recreate in ATL when I visit in two weeks (I’m counting down!!). I love fruit, and fruit sweetness, so I decided to make a pear-jack cheese-apricot spread-red onion panino. GP did not disappoint in the pear department. They have about 5 varieties right now. Or more!

pear panino

pear panino plate

And then I made an heirloom tomato-fresh mozzarella-grilled green onion panino. I’m feeling lucky!!

tomato panino


Two cast iron skillets worked for me as an impromptu sandwich press. Set one atop the other, gave it a good smoosh, and the weight did the rest. Enjoy!


tenzaru soba October 4, 2007

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Okay, that’s the last of the broccoli! A couple of stalks went a long way…
I also used these little squash, but I can’t remember their name. You’ll see. This is my favorite meal at a nearby noodle restaurant, and when I was in my cupboards the other day I realized I had a package of soba. Destiny!

(Added Oct 5 – these soba are served cold. The sauce I’ve mentioned in the comments is for dipping. If you try this yourselves, I recommend using fresh horseradish/wasabi if at all possible. At my neighborhood place, first you are served the broth, and then you add the grated horseradish, scallions, wasabi paste. I think the following changes would improve the sauce I made: making it more savory, deep and rich. It seems that a fish broth is key…or spending more time in general on the broth. Maybe a miso broth would be tasty! I am not a traditionalist, as you probably have noticed, but I do think that sauce contemplation is in order to truly highlight this special dish.  BTW, they’re “sunburst” squash.)

tenzaru soba

Welcome, Gibson!! (more later)


click: October 1, 2007

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A monthly event dedicated to food photography. This month’s foodphoto subject – eggs!