fall-ish halloween contests! October 10, 2007

Filed under: food — insomnisnack @ 10:37 am

Larisa shared a couple of themed contests for me to consider entering (isn’t she great? grateful for the nudge). I’m *so* excited to make something for these!! Expect to see an entry in the cupcake bake shop’s Cupcake Roundup II and another in Lorigami’s supercute halloween bento contest. This weekend (before or after or maybe even during Andy’s blowout houseparty) I plan to work my mojo on some marzipan and other willing objects…I’m feelin’ krafty!


2 Responses to “fall-ish halloween contests!”

  1. sprue Says:


    You gotta have a black cat someting and a ghost something.


  2. insomnisnack Says:

    okay, maybe I will set up a cupcake/bento station next to your taco station…not a 100% sure I will do this at your party. not even 65% sure. but there is still a chance! will definitely happen this weekend, though

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