pacific northwest thanksgiving November 22, 2007

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I thought I’d be the only one, or at least one of few, who would prepare what I started thinking of as a “pacific northwest” thanksgiving. But a quick goog– search later and I realized that Sara Moulton and Epicurious had tried their hands – giving a nod to the plank cooking of fish and meats, common practice among indigenous peoples of the Americas (and I’m sure elsewhere), which has gained popularity in “modern cooking“. I guess where I’m going with this is that how appropriate that my “original” thanksgiving meal was already a deeply rooted cultural norm. Just not mine. I like this!

I cannot list all of my thanks here, but I have been moved beyond words by recent generosity and support. I especially wrestle with holidays, asking for favors, loving unabashedly, saying goodbye and I am grateful for you (plural) who’ve translated my code, if you will. And I feel ecstatic! Thanks to those of you who have put to paper such kind words of support. I plan to muster another entry on food thankyous… Onward, SOPHAS!

salmon, citrus, and greens!

Now here is the ATL thanksgiving… at least some of it.


popover batter

baked popover


niece’s post: steak, sauteed tomatoes, & potato November 16, 2007

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I have a guest entry – my sister, Denise! A fellow insomnisnacker, she is funny and wise beyond words. I am lucky. She prepared this meal and deserves a blog entry for the following reasons:

she boldly grilled a steak under nightfall, outside, with no lamplight! (maybe in her nightgown?),
she blistered little cherry tomatoes (yummy!) for a side dish,
she supports me no matter my foibles, and there are many.

To sisterhood!

PS. She will return with thanksgiving photos 🙂



harvest dinner – I made out like a bandit!! November 7, 2007

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(photo credits: larisa and bianca)

Day of, Larisa arrives with her cart (name pending) containing the following items:

potatoes, thin green beans and maple
broccoli with sicilian sauce
squash with chestnuts and pomegranates
scary cheese ball with garlic crisps
pear beet greens with champagne vinaigrette
magical sangria ingredients
pumpkin roll cake
pumpkin cookies with brown butter icing
savory stuffed puff pastry roll
and a totally yummy dessert that is just like my mom’s prized pumpkin bread!

Usually this blog displays foodvisuals, but this night was captured in a slightly different way. Thanks to all of our friends who shared their nights and hearts. And a special thank you, Larisa, for making this a truly mesmerizing day and evening!

l and a

l and chandra

anna and rui bing


alecia and leah

harvest bouquet

veronica and bianca


harvest bouquet 2

harvest group