pacific northwest thanksgiving November 22, 2007

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I thought I’d be the only one, or at least one of few, who would prepare what I started thinking of as a “pacific northwest” thanksgiving. But a quick goog– search later and I realized that Sara Moulton and Epicurious had tried their hands – giving a nod to the plank cooking of fish and meats, common practice among indigenous peoples of the Americas (and I’m sure elsewhere), which has gained popularity in “modern cooking“. I guess where I’m going with this is that how appropriate that my “original” thanksgiving meal was already a deeply rooted cultural norm. Just not mine. I like this!

I cannot list all of my thanks here, but I have been moved beyond words by recent generosity and support. I especially wrestle with holidays, asking for favors, loving unabashedly, saying goodbye and I am grateful for you (plural) who’ve translated my code, if you will. And I feel ecstatic! Thanks to those of you who have put to paper such kind words of support. I plan to muster another entry on food thankyous… Onward, SOPHAS!

salmon, citrus, and greens!

Now here is the ATL thanksgiving… at least some of it.


popover batter

baked popover


4 Responses to “pacific northwest thanksgiving”

  1. denisem718 Says:

    This looks so delicious, beautiful colors, and the salmon looks so good. Crispy skin and beautifully caramelized exterior. Yummy!

  2. denisem718 Says:

    Well, I have to comment on the Atlanta Thanksgiving photos. The first picture is the green beans, which were blanched first and then combined with the rehydrated shitake mushrooms. The broth from the dried shitake mushrooms went into the cream sauce, which is the next photo. This was combined with fried onions to make a version of the traditional green bean casserole.

    I don’t have a final picture of the casserole which was baked in the oven until bubbly, because at that point we were all starved!

    The next photo is the gruyere topped popovers I made. They were yummy!

    I didn’t get a photo of the cider glazed carrots, but I would recommend them to anyone, they were very good.

    Alan smoked a turkey and made an apple cider gravy. Both were out of this world! Dana made oven roasted cauliflower with roasted garlic and herbs, yummy! Sandy made her famous cranberry sauce and this year made sweet potato balls with orange zest stuffed with marshmallow. The orange zest was a perfect touch.

    For dessert, we had Dana’s pumpkin pecan pie and Mom’s famous caramel cake. It was a perfect ending to a delightful dinner.

  3. insomnisnack Says:

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself and had to lean face first into a 400 degree oven for a bite of that yummy gruyere popover!! 🙂

  4. curlykale Says:

    my mouth is watering reading about the ATL Thanksgiving! The gruyere popovers look amazing. Mmmm… toasty melty gruyere. Mmmmmm… cream sauce. Looks velvety delicious. I will just have to imagine the final casserole.

    And Northwest Thanksgiving. Brilliant! I love the char on the salmon and the presentation.

    Oh why oh why did I have to look at this now right before bed??

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