you are my favorite sweet potato gnocchi! December 1, 2007

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You are!!

I’m back to my old self, and in the kitchen now that school applications are finished. Yay!!  Okay, these gnocchi were really good. I made approximately three dozen, and I still have half the dough. I read that once the gnocchi are cooked they can be frozen for up to six weeks. This is my plan of action.

These are sweet potato gnocchi in a brown butter and sage sauce. I usually don’t like cream or butter sauces, but this was perfect and simple. I likely will try another sauce with the leftovers – lots of options! First you make the dough. This was pretty straightforward, but I think my process could have been improved by a potato ricer or a food mill. Then you roll out ropes, cut bite sized pieces, and plop them in the salted boiling water. Finish the gnocchi in the pan with browned butter and sage.

gnocchi dough

cooked gnocchi

gnocchi in sauce


4 Responses to “you are my favorite sweet potato gnocchi!”

  1. curlykale Says:

    Another dream meal for me! Orange, gnocchi, sage. Love it!!

    And your gnocchi are much more perfectly formed than mine ever are. I always get impatient at the end and mess up the grooves. Yours look like perfect golden beehives.

  2. insomnisnack Says:

    Dreams can and do come true, you know. Think of me (maybe a miniature version?) repeating this in your ear while sitting upon your shoulder. You can pick which side shoulder since they are traditionally “good” or “bad”, no?

    Thanks for the gnocchi compliments! I especially love the comparison to a beehive. I accept your kind words, but insist that your practised gnocchi making would no doubt result in lighter, fluffier, dumpling. We should team up.

  3. denisem718 Says:

    I love gnocchi! I think you should smuggle some of your frozen gnocchi home for Christmas, they aren’t liquid, so you should be ok. Offer to give the security gard a taste!

  4. insomnisnack Says:

    We could make these, no problem! All it takes is flour, ricotta, salt, sweet potato, and some spices. Quickly form the dough and boil. Shaping them is what takes the most time, but we could put on your party playlist and rock out!

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