you are my favorite tri-Color gnocchi! December 27, 2007

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I’m on vacation for a couple weeks, and haven’t really been keeping to my blog routine. ATL, to be specific, and I am cooking in a borrowed kitchen. This is fine with me, as my sister has fun gadgets.

I made a very special batch of gnocchi with salmon croquettes. I was able to borrow a potato ricer and used an informal dough from a previous gnocchi post. These were even better- melty and tender dumplings. (!!) I used two medium yukon gold potatoes, and one medium sweet potato. Here’s where I cheated a bit…I bought canned whole beets. But the beauty of this trick is that I grated a tiny beet for the dough, and used about two tablespoons of beet juice for color.  I made one yukon dough, one sweet potato dough, and one mixture of yukon/sweet with a little grated beet and the beet juice. I divided the drained ricotta and the egg yolk into thirds, and roughly divided the flour equally among the batches. I did have to add a little extra flour to the beet dough, but I would do this again without following a recipe too closely because the best tip from the video was that you should feel when the dough is ready. It only took a little mixing, and a willingness to get wrist deep in a bowl of ingredients.

Salmon croquettes were common for dinner when I was young. My mom made them like little loafs, and I only liked to eat the crispy exterior, which was a delectable cornmeal crust with just a thin layer of fish. The adult me *loves* salmon! This time the ingredients were bread crumbs (pulverized garlic bagel chips), egg, “spices”, spicy mustard, and salmon that I pre-cooked until almost done. I used two forks to combine, made little patties, and fried in two tablespoons of olive oil. They were so good, and this recipe would be good for any fish or seafood cake.

To my favorite sweet potato gnocchi: you are also my favorite yukon gold, and beet gnocchi.

gnocchi in the pan

gnocchi with salmon croquettes


4 Responses to “you are my favorite tri-Color gnocchi!”

  1. Jerry Says:

    These look incredible. I tried making gnocchi once and didn’t have a great deal of success. I may have to try again.

  2. curlykale Says:

    mmmm… wow!

  3. Denise Robinson Says:

    I didn’t taste the gnocchi although I am sure they were delicious but I did get a bite of the salmon patties and they were yummy!

  4. insomnisnack Says:

    I really enjoy looking back at this particular post because Denise and I *still* joke about whether or not I was a mess in the kitchen (hers), or not. Having been raised a tidy girl, my feathers rumple at this suggestion. I feel like I had my “mise en place”, but whatev. I did crumple the potato ricer in the gnocchi process…but what are sisters for if not to forgive what’s done is done? If we weren’t different and complementary, we’d never have as many laughs, Niece!


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