corn chowder with lobster medallions February 12, 2008

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Mmm! I haven’t made soup in a while, and this was delicious. Can’t wait to have it for lunch tomorrow! You can of course make this with cream, but I pureed half of the soup and then added it back to the pot for a sense-of-cream. I had a hunch for a recipe, and it was quite short.  Now that I think of it, you might always have a similar group of ingredients, which means a lovely chowder is often right around the corner!

large onion
salt, course black pepper, cayenne
2 cups corn
4 potatoes, cubed
4 cups vegetable stock

…and of course – lobster!

I softened the onions in butter and olive oil for about five minutes then added the potatoes for another eight to ten minutes. Finally, the corn. Talk about quick! I parboiled the lobster tail, sliced it into rings, and browned them in butter.