pupusa night! May 13, 2008

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Feast your eyes on this! Claudette and Leah came over with dinner the other night: hand crafted, lovingly patted, cheese stuffed pupusas. Thank you, Claudette, for sharing your special culinary creation, and your warm heart.

As always, this night was full of laughs.

The final plating shows the pupusa with refried beans, black beans, curtido, and salsa. I took a bite and was transported back to my early childhood. Funny how smells and tastes can do that. I described dinner to my mom, and she told me that it sounded similar to the hot water cornbread my grandma and aunt used to make. “It’s one world”, she said. I am so grateful for my friends and family. This means you!


2 Responses to “pupusa night!”

  1. Dana Says:

    Looks amazingly yummy! We have a pupusaria on Buford Hwy that I have wanted to try, although, I am not sure they will have a meat-free version??

  2. insomnisnack Says:

    Hey, let’s go next time I’m in ATL! I would love that. Hopefully they will have cheese.

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