watermelon bowl…You make conferences fun May 18, 2008

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I loved my continuing education getaway. Long walks, pie, christmas tree lights, strawberry farms, fireworks, tangy frozen yogurt, periodic roller coaster screaming and especially…app-le ched-dar qui-i-iche quiche!!

Not too many people would get creative in a strange kitchen, let alone a hotel kitchen, but those rules seem not apply to Alice! She thought to secure tortillas, salsa, avocado, pintos, watermelon, and sardines, which led to a handful of delicious meals.

Half a watermelon serves as more than just breakfast. It serves your breakfast!

(Updated May 20, 2008 )
The breakfast consisted of pintos, salsa, and avocado on corn tortillas with watermelon on the side. Didn’t realize it looked like a watermelon salsa (which to me also would be good). I ended up having all of the watermelon “juice”, shown in cup, because I am greedy-greedy with fruit. Mmmm!

Alice, are you enjoying that delectable bite of sardines in mustard on yer rye toast?

i like mustard sardines on rye toast

Highlights include accordion solos, and a trip to the Crystal Cathedral – replete with
“free” bus ride. Is there such a thing? No, I guess not. No matter!

Get a load of this organ [my photo didn’t come out in the low light so I appropriated this
(lower front view of organ) from the crystalcathedral dot org etc website]. All the rest are legit.

MMM! When we got back we had 2 salads extraordinaire, featuring lettuce, garbanzo beans,
cucumber, carrot, tomatoes, and another with jicama, lime, and chili powder. Topped with fried
egg! Usually I expect to freak out at least once when traveling with another…this trip – I slept
like a baby.


11 Responses to “watermelon bowl…You make conferences fun”

  1. curlykale Says:

    oh those salads! yum yum yum yummers

    apple cheddar quiche?!! where has it been all my life?

    the getaway sounds beautiful, all of it.

  2. curlykale Says:

    oh yeh and also, your hair is looking supercute! ❤

  3. insomnisnack Says:

    that’s exactly what I thought (about apple cheddar quiche)!! timing was everything on this trip. serendipity galore. alice even wrote a song about the a/c quiche! it really *was* beautiful, all of it.

    i greedily finished off the salads for lunch yesterday. the just-set yolk made a yummy dressing at the bottom of the bowl.

    (blush) thanks for the hair compliments!! ❤

  4. Bilski Says:

    Looks like a great weekend. (I wonder about the actual conference?) I love that you brought your own healthy and delicious food to eat in the hotel and returned to SF to make even more tasty dishes. The salad with fried egg and jicima gets me!

  5. insomnisnack Says:

    Hi Leah, the voice of reason! Since you ask, the conference content was am-a-zing. There were many many updates on a variety of primary care topics, and two particularly motivating sessions on depression diagnosis (the presenter kept remarking about psychiatry being a “field of humility” ) and the thread between globalization, the health care industrial complex, technology, and health care/disparities in health. I really enjoyed that part, too. But….

    The Food!!! yeah, cool to have nice meals “on the road”. Alice had a lot to do with that. She brought things with, but we also did some fun food shopping, watermelon carrying, walking, and more. If you’re looking for fried egg jicima salad, come on by. I have encouraged Alice to attend a family dinner, so come as you are (rowdy + Claudy) 🙂

  6. curlykale Says:

    can you describe what else was in the fried egg jicama salad? it may cure what ails me.

    what a gem you have found who would bring such things to cook and share!

  7. insomnisnack Says:

    just realized i’ve been misspelling jicama…

    the final salad was both salads combined: red leaf lettuce, tomato, garbanzos, jicama, lime, chili powder, carrot, cucumber, and sunny side egg on top. mmmmmmmmmm

    I still owe you a gift. one that I started long ago, and need to finish. not that I am so egomaniacal to think i have what will cure your ailment, but kindness from a friend can’t hurt. will attempt to complete it while living in SF.

    I’ll tell Alice you find her a gem, as i don’t believe she reads this.

  8. Russell Says:

    Ok cousin. This site makes me very hungry. And sense I have no cooking skills a little jealous. And more hungry. Did not know you had this kind of talent. Nice blog.

  9. insomnisnack Says:

    Hey thanks, Russell – I love cooking, and have a good time with this blog. Lemme know your favorite recipe and I’ll give it a shot. Hope to see you soon, cousin!

  10. saeeda Says:

    great site. just saying hello, the yoga teacher at the ymca.

    how are you?


  11. insomnisnack Says:

    hey, saeeda! oh how i miss yoga sundays…but i am doing well. gonna email you!

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