vietnamese sandwich with tofu: Bánh mì September 14, 2008

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No need to give up Vietnamese sandwiches now that I’m in Boston.  Funny, because these simple, tasty sandwiches were a favorite when I trekked to Berkeley for class.  Eric and Danielle took me to a little restaurant, New Saigon Sandwich (?), before we went for a great day at the Institute of Contemporary Art.  I will return, but until then I will prepare Bánh mì as best as I can.  The roll is everything, and I could only get bread at Stop and Shop.  I believe I saw the authentic rolls at Haymarket a couple weekends ago.  Otherwise, I fried cubes of tofu, added jalapeño, cilantro, and carrot into a buttered french roll.  The beauty of it is that I get to have this for lunch tomorrow.  Try it yourself!


cheddar cauliflower is the new potato September 6, 2008

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Mashed cheddar cauliflower is yummy.  It’s sooo hot here the last couple days, and somehow I can’t stop roasting veggies.  Mark and Jay invited me to come along to Haymarket this morning.  They are wonderful, and it truly has been a pleasure to spend quality time with my cousin and family.  I was able to procure two heads of cheddar cauliflower, two bunches of asparagus, 4 golden pluots, and a case of mangos for $6.  Crazy!  The food is all ready to eat and if you aren’t, it will be too ripe before you know it.  But I am ready to eat.  I gotta remember that my camera’s battery has only the life of a fly before I arrange my plate.  Only got two off-color snaps, slightly out of focus, before it went.  Anyway, I wanted to make this dish at Alice’s one night, but didn’t get the chance to mash.  So here we are.  To make the mashed cauliflower, roast head of cheddar cauliflower with several chopped cloves of garlic and half a diced onion.  When tender, use a blender to mix (I added a bit of water) until nearly smooth.  Enjoy!