eggplant parmesan and spinach fettuccine March 1, 2009

Filed under: eggplant,pasta,spinach — insomnisnack @ 9:42 pm

This was really simple. I used panko, egg, and seasoning to bread these thin slices of eggplant. No real recipe here, just eggplant slices dipped into egg, then panko. Fry in the least amount of oil possible, and on fairly high heat. Serve 🙂



2 Responses to “eggplant parmesan and spinach fettuccine”

  1. denisem718 Says:

    Yummy! This looks wonderful, I love fried eggplant. The fresh tomato sauce for the fettuccini looks amazing, what is the cheese between the pasta and the eggplant?

  2. insomnisnack Says:

    I love eggplant in any shape or form. I think I ate eggplant 4 out 7 days this winter! The cheese was provolone or mozzarella, can’t recall.

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