black-eyed tacos March 20, 2009

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Just a quickie dinner with black-eyed peas, collard greens, carrots, red bell pepper, garlic, salt and pepper.  For the filling: I sautéed the greens, carrots and bell pepper with garlic in olive oil until just barely tender.  I didn’t make these peas from scratch, so it really was just a matter of adding a can-full to the pan.  The whole thing took about 4 minutes to cook, and was quite tasty.  You can add whatever protein you like, and veggies to your liking.    This time salty/peppery food tasted good, but next time I’ll likely make it spicy.




5 Responses to “black-eyed tacos”

  1. Nipplewit Says:

    Just made a small batch. Going back for seconds. It was great. Except – I burnt the garlic and dropped the peas on the floor. I added raisins, great for a bit of sweetness. Thanks for the recipe. You should think about naming your recipes.

  2. Noodles Says:

    could you substitute eggo waffles for tortillas?

  3. Nipplewit Says:

    Could you substitute tic tacs for eggos?

  4. insomnisnack Says:

    hey that’s great improvisation, nipplewit! glad you made this recipe, and posted your suggestions.

    noodles, you can definitely substitute eggo waffles. think of it as a perfect savory/sweet combo like chicken and waffles!

    don’t want to discourage creativity, but not sure about tic tacs…

  5. John Says:

    Boy these look good! One of my favorite things to do with food I really love is pair it with a palette pleasing drink. Mixed Drinks Made Easy! offers hundreds of drink recipes that you can pair with your favorite foods for a real celebration of flavor!

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