curry, quinoa, and cheese “flowers” May 27, 2009

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I am so lucky!  I have wonderful friends.  These, in particular, fed me a home-cooked (my favorite type), skillfully prepared meal of some of my favorite things.  Thank you, Heather and Arpi!  Thank you for guest-blogging!!  I *love* curry.  And quinoa is healthy, protein-y, colorful, goes well with soo soo many foods, and is always welcome on my plate.  But Arpi didn’t stop there.  We had an incredibly tasty salad, beets, sweet potatoes, and cheese “flowers”.  I wish you could have tasted dinner, but I’m glad I had these two all to myself.  What a warm homecoming!  Can’t wait til the next time.





6 Responses to “curry, quinoa, and cheese “flowers””

  1. curlykale Says:

    you’re so beautiful in these. what were the cheese flowers?

    • insomnisnack Says:

      thank you! that’s sweet.
      the cheese flowers were created by this device that a friend of Arpi and Heather bestowed. they are gonna have to give the name cause i forgot, but long story short it peels a layer of cheese into a curl – i believe arpi dubbed it “flower”.

  2. denisem718 Says:

    It looks like a wonderful evening, I’m glad you have such good friends to welcome you back to Boston. What an added bonus that they are great cooks as well! Lucky you!

    • insomnisnack Says:

      well i definitely have good friends that welcome(d) me back to boston, but these two are SF friends!

      anyway, thanks niece for always being encouraging no matter what!

  3. bridget walker Says:

    you know I was searching for Watermelon bowls/baskets and came across you site and photo’s. I have to say I’m feeling one of the 7 deadly sins, ok glutton – because everything looked fabulous I will have wonderful dreams of the Lentil salad (I intend to make this as soon as possible) and Envy – I am jealous that I don’t know you or your friends what lovely warm and happy times you must have. I had to come back to comment and let you know you are truly blessed : )

    • insomnisnack Says:

      hello, Bridget! you should definitely try the lentil salad – it was delicious. in fact, i should make it, too! and you’re right i am quite lucky and i deeply value my friends. thanks for your kind words

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