cupcake fits and starts October 16, 2007

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I have good news and nearly good news…
The good news is that I made some delectable vegan cupcakes from my favorite, funny cookbook – Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. And it’s true what they promise. These tasty, tender, moist-y cupcakes could in fact take over the world if you’re not paying close attention. I will do anything they say. Top your chocolate crumb with a dollop more fluffy buttercream frosting? Yes. Garnish you with freshly harvested lavender leaves for fragrant goodness? Yes.

The nearly good news is that I am working on a special recipe or “design” for my cupcake entry. Normally I would just let things fly into my head, or pick from a recipe I always wanted to try. But the due date, October 21, is my dad’s birthday. And the idea to enter is Larisa’s. These cupcakes are deserved of something special! So bear with me. I am thinking.


this is the “thanks” i get?! August 26, 2007

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Yes. On rare occasions I have made food thankyous. Thank you for recommending me for MTPCCR (oh yeah, I need a letter again…), thank you for being seriously special folk in addition to being special co-workers, and thank you Student Services!! My first food thankyou was to Helaine (no foodphoto), who believed in me, connected me, and helped me realize my academic path. I think I owe you an “i’ve finally graduated” food thankyou. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Here we have a box of treasures for those who wrote MTPCCR recommendations. I bought blank cards, and the boxes were lovely, so I put the cookies in them to give away. Inside I tucked two types of cookies, both sandwich. The pink are meringue, dipped in dark chocolate, and sandwiched together. The others are two flourless pistachio cookies – sandwiched and enrobed in dark chocolate. Both were tasty, and recipes were courtesy of a certain martha, in a love or valentines themed february volume.

meringue cookies & pistachio dough cookies

bag of food thankyou

Then, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful evening of GRADS closure. I wanted to thank my friends/co-workers for helping me through a hard year. This is my modified family recipe for pound cake. No changes except I made them into little cakes (using that same texas sized muffin tin!). It worked. I think I also lowered the baking temp and cooking time. I made a meyer lemon curd, added blueberries, mint leaf, powdered sugar dusting, and a dollop of crème fraîche , and there was no turning back. Three generations of scott/robinson women went into this food thankyou. PS. Never forget the serenade!!

mini pound cake, lemon curd, blueberries, and crème fraîche

And finally, I made my mom’s caramel cake into baby cupcakes and topped them with marzipan shaped fruits and vegetables. In keeping with the theme of public health, I insisted that student services/SPH have their fruits and veggies with their dessert. This was really fun to make – the marzipan art was kind of calming to create. The key for fruits/veggies: beets, carrot, pear, banana pepper, lime, grapes, raspberry, strawberry, + orange.

caramel cupcakes with marzipan decorations

caramel cupcakes with marzipan decorations

Thanks, again!


dirt bombs, doughnut muffins, or duffins?

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I don’t know what you call them, but I call them “breakfast , lunch, or dinner”. A neighborhood bakery (side note: I was wondering as I post, can you call it a bakery if they don’t bake on said premises? Apparently the answer is yes.) sells these really delicious pastry. On Saturdays I go by and pick up a treat with coffee. I thought, I can make this! I found several recipes online, but my favorite looked the most like the muffins from the shop I frequent. I followed the recipe, which is not my forte. I’m a girl who likes to improvise. Lo and behold, they turned out exactly the same. I will freeze the extras and thaw for Saturdays and other special occasions!

duffin batter and rising
The recipe yielded loads of dough. I used a “texas” size muffin tin, and filled each cup to the brim. I did have a moment of concern when I saw them rising in the oven. Giantess muffins!

As soon as they are cool enough to handle, brush them with melted butter and roll in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Mmmm, try for yourself! Or come over for brunch some time.