food 4 kids: booby trap egg sandwich September 9, 2007

Big kids, too. Mmm – today I made an egg sandwich and decided to put a child-at-heart twist on breakfast. I hollowed out a poppy seed roll, and hid within it a fried egg on a bed of sharp cheddar cheese. Next, I placed arugula and spinach leaves on top for unsuspecting passers-by, and propped up the bun lid with toothpicks. Finally, I constructed a woodland/jungle scene of veggies (baby artichoke, blue lake beans, The Tomatoes, red onion, pickled daikon radish, bok choy, mushroom caps) and potatoes as the backdrop, on a lagoon of seasoned dried seaweed. At one point I was thinking of crafting a creature that set up this elaborate trap, but I then realized two things: that creature is me, and I’ve got to eat sometime!

booby trap egg preparation

egg close up

back view

finished breakfast!