FoodPledge To Alvin Ailey… March 7, 2008

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I just found out that we have the same birthday! How perfect! I have been thinking hard about a way to post a “California” entry. I know I could use anything that has touched me while here, including people, destinations, ingredients, ceremonies, as a point of departure. But that list goes on and on. And on! I truly love it here, and feel grateful to the point of bursting on most days. So, speaking of gratitude, I was recently the recipient of a really nice gift. The gift of Alvin Ailey. Yes, it was at someone else’s expense, but their busy schedule (sorry Ron 🙂 ) gave me the opportunity to experience an immersion of creative expression, dance, history, physicality, spirituality, and diversity. This is exactly what I have at my fingertips every day living in San Francisco. And many have shared much with me over the last 10 years. Thank you! Menu and meal to follow. Stay tuned.


Summer Refresher part II: korean BBQ kebabs September 4, 2007

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I have often been welcome at the family table of one of my best friends – there his mother shared exquisite meals and family recipes. Although my friend has moved away from home, (he now lives with me in SF) his mom still sends foodlove, double ziplocked and tupperwared for safe travel all the way to her son’s tummy. He’s 35! It’s really sweet. The best part is that on many occasions, once she learns your favorites, she’ll send a sizable helping of those, too. Thank you, Mrs. Kim!

I found a marinade online for vegan seitan Korean BBQ, but next time I’ll try this one: “Seitan cut into strips, marinated with tamari (soybean sauce), garlic, ginger, brown sugar, sesame oil, scallions, and [toasted] sesame seeds”. I used hunks of marinated seitan, slices of corn ears, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and orange bell pepper. Very “meaty”! Served over a bed of brown rice.

korean bbq seitan kebabs

Also, as promised, a second summer refresher!! Cold brewed “Black Cherry Berry” tea with hibiscus yummy, slices of lemon from our landlord’s tree, and a splash of grapefruit pop. Ahhh…

hibiscus black cherry berry spritzer

Leah stopped by, and is shown enjoying a dessert (I will catch hell for this!) of grilled white peaches, honey drizzle, and mascarpone.

leah + peach

I do the best I can as a friend, in my ability to forgive others, in my willingness to forgive myself, and in eeking my heart open a little for those around me. This b-b-q is dedicated to my friend Andy – I’m not always a good friend, but I love you.


hooray, labor day!! September 3, 2007

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I am grateful for today. According to “the first proposal of the holiday”, in the 1880’s, “a street parade to exhibit to the public ‘the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations’ of the community” was in order, along with a festival celebration for “workers and their families”. (Wiki-what? you don’t see too much of this original meaning these days. Today’s SF Gate front page news was about the Bay Bridge closure.)

I did enjoy a day of rest from work, let me tell you! I was invited to brunch with Heather and Arpi (left to right), a couple I find mesmerizing – individually, as well as together in partnership. They celebrated their ninth anniversary this weekend and still made time for me. Wow.

Heather and Arpi

Arpi made a delicious meal! We had gourmet coffee, moist and delicate corn muffins, and omelets. Let’s talk omelets for a moment. These were fluffy, half moon pillows filled with just the right textures, including a perfect dice of creminis, and red bell pepper. Mmm-mmm!

Arpi and Omelet

All that, AND we went on a walk to visit with the neighborhood cats! What a day. Thanks, Heather and Arpi!!