“Aloo Masala” Twice-Baked Tuber August 28, 2007

Tonight I decided to make an Indian version of “twice-baked potatoes”. I searched recipes for twice baked sweet potatoes, or yams, and they all had maple, sugar, toasted nuts and the like. Yummy, yes, but not what I wanted tonight. I went to my favorite local grocer Golden Produce for a good selection of fresh vegetables and some inspiration. I was pretty open to what could go into this dish. I knew I needed some type of tuber… I think I bought a yam, but to be honest I don’t always know the difference. Growing up, orange colored pie was always sweet potato, never pumpkin, and I think when I had yams in a glaze or something, my brain recorded that they were sweet potatoes. So I incorrectly use them interchangeably. Okay, so 1 yam, 2 small yellow potatoes, and I was in business. I also bought some papadum, a yellow onion, and a small cantaloupe. After I made the stuffing, I realized that I’d forgotten to saute the onion and incorporate. I still wanted onion so I decided to make onion rings. I still prepared the papadum, too. My other plan was to make cantaloupe soup, but that will have to wait until the next post.

I cooked the yam and yellow potatoes until soft, scooped out the insides and forked them in a bowl with a touch of buttermilk, 2T sharp cheddar cheese, a pat of butter, and spices (garam masala mixture,+ tumeric, salt, cayenne, cumin, cinnamon and hot paprika). These are just flavors and colors I like, not necessarily a proper recipe.

Pre-baked tubers:
pre-baked tubers

I fried some onion rings for garnish and crunch.
onion ring

And here we have it!

Mmm! Tubers!!