basil eggplant June 5, 2008

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I’ve had a lot of eggplant banter lately, and finally made some. It was a sign. Fish sauce, sugar, soy sauce, garlic, basil and eggplant. Plus, I added some gluten for meaty goodness! Of course I secured my bounty at GP. Two thanks in this one: thanks for the sweet cherries and thanks for the butterflies!! I love them.


orecchiette, honeyed rosemary carrots, anchovy January 20, 2008

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I have been poking around in the kitchen here and there, but I haven’t made a meal worth blogging in a while. This one is in celebration of my favorite vegetable purveyor (Golden Produce) opening their new grocery establishment — Golden Natural Foods!!! I truly love this family, and am very happy for their success. I also should note that I am grateful for the MLK holiday, and appreciative of what it took of others for me to be who I am today.

This new store is beautiful, and if you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting their produce market, GP, you should. That is, if you enjoy fresh, organic, low cost, high quality, abundant produce. I picked up some orecchiette pasta, some fresh parmesan, and anchovy fillets. There was rosemary in the refrigerator, and honey on the countertop. I spied a carrot in the crisper, and took all these ingredients as a sign. I sauteed the carrots in a couple tablespoons of olive oil, added the honey and rosemary, and seasoned with salt and pepper. When the pasta was done, I added it to the pan, along with the anchovies, and topped with peels of the parmesan:

orechiette w/ carrots and anchovy

By the way, have you ever tried Lindemans‘ lambic/gueuze called Cuvée René?

Lindemans Cuvée René

It is delicious, my new favorite beer ever. I mean ever. And I like many beer flavors. Long story short, it is available at GNF, along with a pretty nice selection of beer and wine. I was pleased. Go find out for yourselves!

PS. I love the GP family.


panini: two choices to love October 8, 2007

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Looking back, I recall a prompt to make panini. Thanks, Niece! Well here you go…two versions to recreate in ATL when I visit in two weeks (I’m counting down!!). I love fruit, and fruit sweetness, so I decided to make a pear-jack cheese-apricot spread-red onion panino. GP did not disappoint in the pear department. They have about 5 varieties right now. Or more!

pear panino

pear panino plate

And then I made an heirloom tomato-fresh mozzarella-grilled green onion panino. I’m feeling lucky!!

tomato panino


Two cast iron skillets worked for me as an impromptu sandwich press. Set one atop the other, gave it a good smoosh, and the weight did the rest. Enjoy!


meaty loaf and frites September 27, 2007

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I’ve always loved meatloaf. Even when it contained meat! This is one of my favorite dishes to make. Very easy, you just take some veggie ground beef (I like Yves “Meatless Ground – original”), a 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese, 1 diced bell pepper, a 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs, chopped shallot or mild onion, and about 1, maybe 2 eggs. Mix ingredients, and bake for about 4o minutes at 375 degrees. My secret is to crumble Semifreddi’s “Super Garlic Croutons” in the blender/food processor and make my own breadcrumbs. I made a tomato sauce for the top out of thinned tomato paste, oregano, salt and pepper, and placed golden heirloom tomato slices as a finish. Thanks, GP!

meatyloaf - heirloom tomato slices and sauce

As for the frites…basic russet potatoes, sliced into quarter inch width pieces. I read that in order to have crispy fries you need to soak them in cold water to remove excess starch, dry thoroughly, then fry them twice. The first fry was 325 degrees for about 4-5 minutes. The second fry was 375 for about 3-4 minutes or until golden. This method worked very well, I recommend it. Extra crispy and light!

frites out of oil

frites in a cone

And the very best part of all is that I get to have it for lunch tomorrow!! Yum.

leftover meatyloaf


beet ravioli turned beet lasagna! September 16, 2007

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Well I finally made the beet ravioli and they were quite yummy! I got organic golden and purple beets from Golden Produce. The beets roasted for an hour, and were so good just as they were. By the way, I think the recipe will make 1500 ravioli, so after about two dozen I was thinking…lasagna. I don’t want these delicious roasted beets to go to waste, and I’m not able to spend the next 6 hrs stuffing ravioli. I’ve got rugelach to make!! For the lasagna I used the cheeses I had in the fridge, the pasta rounds, and a pureed a can of herb tomatoes for the sauce (no pic). Here’s the ravioli recipe. golden and red beet ravioli

I also made rugelach with apricot preserves, currants, and walnuts. Mmmm! I saw this episode of Barefoot Contessa and really wanted to give the recipe a try. She’s great! So I guess the moral of today’s post is revisiting things you’ve always wanted to do. Enjoy!apricot currant rugelach


food 4 kids: booby trap egg sandwich September 9, 2007

Big kids, too. Mmm – today I made an egg sandwich and decided to put a child-at-heart twist on breakfast. I hollowed out a poppy seed roll, and hid within it a fried egg on a bed of sharp cheddar cheese. Next, I placed arugula and spinach leaves on top for unsuspecting passers-by, and propped up the bun lid with toothpicks. Finally, I constructed a woodland/jungle scene of veggies (baby artichoke, blue lake beans, The Tomatoes, red onion, pickled daikon radish, bok choy, mushroom caps) and potatoes as the backdrop, on a lagoon of seasoned dried seaweed. At one point I was thinking of crafting a creature that set up this elaborate trap, but I then realized two things: that creature is me, and I’ve got to eat sometime!

booby trap egg preparation

egg close up

back view

finished breakfast!


veggie pesto pizza ‘n beer September 5, 2007

There are forces in this world I don’t understand. Not a very profound statement, but I am confused! Am I supposed to just follow signs, “understand”, and live life for what it seemingly brings me or wants of me? Or do I react to messages that run counter to my wishes and wants? Don’t know. Can’t she just stick to the food?, you might wonder. Uh, yes. ‘Cause that I do understand. That, and lemon colored lion t-shirts (see end of post).

So the pursuit of life’s simplicity brings me to today’s post: pizza ‘n beer. This is one of my favorite pizzas! Partially because I was hungry for dinner and didn’t have to make the crust, but mostly because this is really tasty bread. I used a flatbread available for purchase and immediate consumption. My second favorite pizza involves homemade crust with olive oil and cornmeal baked on the bottom. I went again to my loving, family run, local grocer Golden Produce on Church St. For about $10 I got organic components to make my dinner and lunch for the remainder of the week. Today’s toppings: fresh mozzarella, pesto, basil, heirloom tomato slices, and mushroom. Today’s beer: Hoegaarden

veggie pesto pizza

Today’s t-shirt: Raaawwr!!!!

leash - Roar!!!!