this is the “thanks” i get?! August 26, 2007

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Yes. On rare occasions I have made food thankyous. Thank you for recommending me for MTPCCR (oh yeah, I need a letter again…), thank you for being seriously special folk in addition to being special co-workers, and thank you Student Services!! My first food thankyou was to Helaine (no foodphoto), who believed in me, connected me, and helped me realize my academic path. I think I owe you an “i’ve finally graduated” food thankyou. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Here we have a box of treasures for those who wrote MTPCCR recommendations. I bought blank cards, and the boxes were lovely, so I put the cookies in them to give away. Inside I tucked two types of cookies, both sandwich. The pink are meringue, dipped in dark chocolate, and sandwiched together. The others are two flourless pistachio cookies – sandwiched and enrobed in dark chocolate. Both were tasty, and recipes were courtesy of a certain martha, in a love or valentines themed february volume.

meringue cookies & pistachio dough cookies

bag of food thankyou

Then, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful evening of GRADS closure. I wanted to thank my friends/co-workers for helping me through a hard year. This is my modified family recipe for pound cake. No changes except I made them into little cakes (using that same texas sized muffin tin!). It worked. I think I also lowered the baking temp and cooking time. I made a meyer lemon curd, added blueberries, mint leaf, powdered sugar dusting, and a dollop of crème fraîche , and there was no turning back. Three generations of scott/robinson women went into this food thankyou. PS. Never forget the serenade!!

mini pound cake, lemon curd, blueberries, and crème fraîche

And finally, I made my mom’s caramel cake into baby cupcakes and topped them with marzipan shaped fruits and vegetables. In keeping with the theme of public health, I insisted that student services/SPH have their fruits and veggies with their dessert. This was really fun to make – the marzipan art was kind of calming to create. The key for fruits/veggies: beets, carrot, pear, banana pepper, lime, grapes, raspberry, strawberry, + orange.

caramel cupcakes with marzipan decorations

caramel cupcakes with marzipan decorations

Thanks, again!