baked kabocha squash with vegetable stew December 2, 2007

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Thanks for the kabocha cuteness, i can has cheeseburgers !!

Originally planned for the Harvest Dinner menu, but by the end of dinner I was still carving into the pumpkin. Another time, perhaps? Yes.

I couldn’t find a pumpkin so I used this kabocha squash, which has a very hard, green, bumpy skin and shocking orange flesh. Since the end result has a lid I took off the stem and thin layer before cooking. Safety first when cutting into this thing!! First I brushed the kabocha with oil, seasoned it with salt, and I baked the whole thing for 30 min at 350, then 30 min at 400.

I scooped the insides (could not take out the inner flesh while raw – this is a very hard squash) after it baked and spooned in the stew. This made me happy!

roasted kabocha

stew in kabocha

kabocha with lid