guest star tamales September 30, 2007

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These were twice inspired (and you’re both in PA). The first one is “curly’s kale, corn and queso tamales” (not the sum of ingredients, but I wanted to capitalize on the alliteration). I wanted to make an extra special kale tidbit (even better that it lives in a cozy wrapper!) to honor dear, sweet Larisa who is the sole reason I’m blogging at all, and the curliest kale I know. ❤ The second is “shauna-shortcake mixed fruit tamales.” Shauna, I will not disclose the meaning of your nickname, but if I may tell a side story…I visited Shauna (& Skimmy) in LA many years ago, and during that trip we went to a food stand. ‘Member? It could have been free standing in a neighborhood, or at the farmers market. Anyway, we had dessert tamales with fruit and white chocolate inside. (!) I think of that experience often. So when I was thinking fruit, creme and dough I thought, “shortcake” and therefore, Shauna. Now that I’m finished with the back story, here’s the savory one in prep. The filling consists of kale, green onion, jack cheese, corn, shredded squash, and green chiles.

kale corn queso tamales

And the finished plate (The Tomatoes shown on vacation):

kale corn queso tamales with chiles, green onions and Tomatoes

The dessert tamales have cinnamon sugar in the dough, and blueberries, nectarine, and extra dark organic chocolate inside. shortcakes mixed fruit tamales

and here is the finished version with crème fraîche and dutch cocoa dusting.

shortcakes mixed fruit tamales with Crème fraîche and cocoa