still cookin’ May 4, 2008

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I have been getting some gentle reminders that I haven’t been posting as much as usual. Thanks for reading! I often feel like this blog is an interior conversation, so it’s nice to know that my readership is still there. It might seem like the oven is cold, but really I’ve been cooking. I’m going to talk a bit about those meals, and encourage you to call on your creative powers to imagine what they looked like (alas, no photos – unless I recreate them, which could totally happen).

popcorn two-fer

holy cow! Allow me to introduce Alice. She made a delicious combination of stove popped corn with olive oil drizzle, green chili, salt, and seasoned seaweed (did I forget anything?). This one deserves a repost with photo, because it was creative and exquisitely tasty. I took a stab at a sweet version popcorn with local honey and toasted sesame seeds. Mmm!

chili-corn crepes

these were very good. I found a crepe batter recipe online (flour, cornmeal, chili powder, broth, eggs and butter – but I used olive oil), which required a quick combining in the blender. I made two fillings, one chicken and one tofu. I prepared a chicken breast and thigh with olive oil, salt and pepper, browning on the stove and then finishing in the oven. Seemed moist, but Andy will have to be the judge of that. I seared strips of tofu in a pan, and added chilis, lime juice, cilantro, avocado as filling.

meatloaf again?!

you better believe it. If you are eating at my table, you will see meatloaf. Or faux-loaf? Soy-loaf? You get the idea. Meat and potatoes dish, with a side of kale. The specialness for me was in the sweet potato fries (and the company), since the meatloaf is kinda spicy. I hope you liked it! Watch out for fire-bellies.


you are my favorite tri-Color gnocchi! December 27, 2007

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I’m on vacation for a couple weeks, and haven’t really been keeping to my blog routine. ATL, to be specific, and I am cooking in a borrowed kitchen. This is fine with me, as my sister has fun gadgets.

I made a very special batch of gnocchi with salmon croquettes. I was able to borrow a potato ricer and used an informal dough from a previous gnocchi post. These were even better- melty and tender dumplings. (!!) I used two medium yukon gold potatoes, and one medium sweet potato. Here’s where I cheated a bit…I bought canned whole beets. But the beauty of this trick is that I grated a tiny beet for the dough, and used about two tablespoons of beet juice for color.  I made one yukon dough, one sweet potato dough, and one mixture of yukon/sweet with a little grated beet and the beet juice. I divided the drained ricotta and the egg yolk into thirds, and roughly divided the flour equally among the batches. I did have to add a little extra flour to the beet dough, but I would do this again without following a recipe too closely because the best tip from the video was that you should feel when the dough is ready. It only took a little mixing, and a willingness to get wrist deep in a bowl of ingredients.

Salmon croquettes were common for dinner when I was young. My mom made them like little loafs, and I only liked to eat the crispy exterior, which was a delectable cornmeal crust with just a thin layer of fish. The adult me *loves* salmon! This time the ingredients were bread crumbs (pulverized garlic bagel chips), egg, “spices”, spicy mustard, and salmon that I pre-cooked until almost done. I used two forks to combine, made little patties, and fried in two tablespoons of olive oil. They were so good, and this recipe would be good for any fish or seafood cake.

To my favorite sweet potato gnocchi: you are also my favorite yukon gold, and beet gnocchi.

gnocchi in the pan

gnocchi with salmon croquettes


you are my favorite sweet potato gnocchi! December 1, 2007

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You are!!

I’m back to my old self, and in the kitchen now that school applications are finished. Yay!!  Okay, these gnocchi were really good. I made approximately three dozen, and I still have half the dough. I read that once the gnocchi are cooked they can be frozen for up to six weeks. This is my plan of action.

These are sweet potato gnocchi in a brown butter and sage sauce. I usually don’t like cream or butter sauces, but this was perfect and simple. I likely will try another sauce with the leftovers – lots of options! First you make the dough. This was pretty straightforward, but I think my process could have been improved by a potato ricer or a food mill. Then you roll out ropes, cut bite sized pieces, and plop them in the salted boiling water. Finish the gnocchi in the pan with browned butter and sage.

gnocchi dough

cooked gnocchi

gnocchi in sauce