winter’s first thaw January 3, 2008

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I want to have a meal from the food I’ve frozen over the past few months. Let’s see, at a glance I found a couple servings of risotto, some dirtbombs, and a bit of RLLH ice cream. Also, to you who requested I freeze my dad’s cupcake for later consumption, it is still safe. There is bound to be at least one more surprise in there… let’s see what I can whip up this weekend!


leeky, shitake-y risotto + salad August 19, 2007

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I found this recipe on for “Risotto with Leeks, Shitake Mushrooms and Truffles” because I wanted to approximate a dinner that I had in Atlanta while celebrating my sister’s 40th. Mine was not as good but hey, I’m a first timer!

I now know that you can overcook risotto. My impression of risotto preparation was that you had to summon strength within your soul for patience to wait out the cook time, slowly, deliberately massaging every grain of arborio rice to coax out the creamy. This is true. But on my stove you have to do this in slightly under 20 minutes, use less liquid than called for in the recipe, and maybe even less soul. Not sure. And next time I would probably keep some of the parmesan, but not use any cream. I did use wine, as the recipe called for, but thought about champagne because I had seen that in a magazine. Perhaps next time! Actually the salad was my favorite part because the tomatoes were extremely ripe and sweet. I’m happy and full as I post! (Just found this one on same site, probably a little closer to what I had in my head. Delicious either way.)

This is my version:

salad + leek shitake risotto

But here is what it looked like in Atlanta:

with peas!

And finally, courtesy of

professional risotto