dinner at the dozen August 1, 2008

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Baker’s Dozen cooperative, that is. Alice made a larger than life bowl of lentil salad (shown) that had lentils, broth, lime juice, tomatoes, roasted squash, basil, and garlic love. The camera pixel quality nearly robs this meal of its true beauty, but hopefully you can see the tasty. We also had homemade stuffing made with onion, celery, garlic, yummy cubes of fresh bread, spices, and mushroom broth. Ahh. There were moments of doubt… “Alice, seems impossible to fit those two giant bowls of stuffing into one baking dish, no?”…seconds later, she’s all “Heh, heh” and has done it. Why doubt when you can watch magic happen? Lesson learned, stomach full, happy.


watermelon bowl…You make conferences fun May 18, 2008

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I loved my continuing education getaway. Long walks, pie, christmas tree lights, strawberry farms, fireworks, tangy frozen yogurt, periodic roller coaster screaming and especially…app-le ched-dar qui-i-iche quiche!!

Not too many people would get creative in a strange kitchen, let alone a hotel kitchen, but those rules seem not apply to Alice! She thought to secure tortillas, salsa, avocado, pintos, watermelon, and sardines, which led to a handful of delicious meals.

Half a watermelon serves as more than just breakfast. It serves your breakfast!

(Updated May 20, 2008 )
The breakfast consisted of pintos, salsa, and avocado on corn tortillas with watermelon on the side. Didn’t realize it looked like a watermelon salsa (which to me also would be good). I ended up having all of the watermelon “juice”, shown in cup, because I am greedy-greedy with fruit. Mmmm!

Alice, are you enjoying that delectable bite of sardines in mustard on yer rye toast?

i like mustard sardines on rye toast

Highlights include accordion solos, and a trip to the Crystal Cathedral – replete with
“free” bus ride. Is there such a thing? No, I guess not. No matter!

Get a load of this organ [my photo didn’t come out in the low light so I appropriated this
(lower front view of organ) from the crystalcathedral dot org etc website]. All the rest are legit.

MMM! When we got back we had 2 salads extraordinaire, featuring lettuce, garbanzo beans,
cucumber, carrot, tomatoes, and another with jicama, lime, and chili powder. Topped with fried
egg! Usually I expect to freak out at least once when traveling with another…this trip – I slept
like a baby.