i take requests November 11, 2008

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After some gentle encouragement, I decided to post.  I cook all the time, but most days grad school’s got me making very similar meals.  For example, you may have noticed that I’ve been cooking tempeh like it’s going out of style.  Reasons why?  Well, I love it!  It’s so protein-y, nutty, earthy.  Very easy to convert into something yummy.  So, I often tell people that they can give me recipe suggestions.  Any takers?  I’ll make it for me as long as it is veggie, and if not I’ll make it for you as long as you don’t expect me to help you eat it.  Keep in mind that I’m a student and on a budget.

Tempeh, Eggplant, Portobello Mushrooms, and Carrot Stir Fry

I pan fried the tempeh cubes in olive oil, then set aside.  Next, I sauteed the mushrooms and carrots with garlic, added a little chili garlic sauce, salt/pepper, and sesame oil.  Finally, I added the tempeh back to the pan with about 1/4 cup of water to simmer.


and here’s one I forgot to post.  yellow pepper, kale, portobellos, and tempeh:

veggie stir fry


you can’t see the grids, niece July 3, 2008

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Look at the a-m-a-z-i-n-g trifle my sister made! She’s even using what seems a proper trifle dish?  Oh yeah, she made the poundcake from scratch.

I have been cooking, yes, I have been cooking. But my camera battery ain’t what it used to be, and nevertheless I am often with folk who avoid the paparazzi aim of my lens. So lemme show off my sister who is the cat’s meow.

Photo credit: Julie T.


niece’s spring-y pasta March 17, 2008

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I was talking to Niece, like I do pretty much every night, and she helped me with this quick dinner idea.  I love Chow, burritos and pizza as much as the next gal, but really.  I have to tell you, the photo does not do the tastebuds justice!  So refreshing was my dinner with bowtie pasta, two tablespoons of ricotta, lemon zest, and edamame.  Thanks, Niece!

bowtie pasta with edamame, ricotta, and lemon zest


Tonight @ 8pm: fried rice, featuring the last kumquat!

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This one is an old favorite! First I scrambled an egg in a little olive oil, and added about 3-4 cups steamed rice. Then frozen veggies from GNF. Finished this dish off with soy sauce, a couple dashes of sesame oil and, MmmM! Since I used sesame oil, I added shredded seasoned seaweed for more yumminess. Gonna be great leftovers!!

fried rice with broccoli and corn


pacific northwest thanksgiving November 22, 2007

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I thought I’d be the only one, or at least one of few, who would prepare what I started thinking of as a “pacific northwest” thanksgiving. But a quick goog– search later and I realized that Sara Moulton and Epicurious had tried their hands – giving a nod to the plank cooking of fish and meats, common practice among indigenous peoples of the Americas (and I’m sure elsewhere), which has gained popularity in “modern cooking“. I guess where I’m going with this is that how appropriate that my “original” thanksgiving meal was already a deeply rooted cultural norm. Just not mine. I like this!

I cannot list all of my thanks here, but I have been moved beyond words by recent generosity and support. I especially wrestle with holidays, asking for favors, loving unabashedly, saying goodbye and I am grateful for you (plural) who’ve translated my code, if you will. And I feel ecstatic! Thanks to those of you who have put to paper such kind words of support. I plan to muster another entry on food thankyous… Onward, SOPHAS!

salmon, citrus, and greens!

Now here is the ATL thanksgiving… at least some of it.


popover batter

baked popover


harvest dinner – I made out like a bandit!! November 7, 2007

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(photo credits: larisa and bianca)

Day of, Larisa arrives with her cart (name pending) containing the following items:

potatoes, thin green beans and maple
broccoli with sicilian sauce
squash with chestnuts and pomegranates
scary cheese ball with garlic crisps
pear beet greens with champagne vinaigrette
magical sangria ingredients
pumpkin roll cake
pumpkin cookies with brown butter icing
savory stuffed puff pastry roll
and a totally yummy dessert that is just like my mom’s prized pumpkin bread!

Usually this blog displays foodvisuals, but this night was captured in a slightly different way. Thanks to all of our friends who shared their nights and hearts. And a special thank you, Larisa, for making this a truly mesmerizing day and evening!

l and a

l and chandra

anna and rui bing


alecia and leah

harvest bouquet

veronica and bianca


harvest bouquet 2

harvest group



banana squash curry and golden quinoa October 8, 2007

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I’ve mentioned that I’ve found myself in the situation of eating 6 meals in a row of the same dish. What’s the best solution for that? Make two dishes (see previous post)!! I revisited my cache of recipes saved at the epicurious site for this one. I didn’t have much prep because I purchased a quartered squash, and had peeled carrots from a previous dish. It was a pretty quick stew, in fact. All in all, 25 minutes. The quinoa took about 20 minutes to cook. I left out the onion, but kept the garlic and turmeric for color. I like to bring my lunch to work, and this one will be a nice reminder of the weekend.

banana squash stew

quinoa and curry


pear season September 18, 2007

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This tiny, sweet pear is one of the last of the crop from my boss’ tree. tiny pear


bel canto-loupe August 31, 2007

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What is a girl to do when faced with rising temperatures and a ripe melon? Make a soup, did you say? Well that’s just what I did. I do enjoy cantaloupe, and this soup is very tasty. Short recipe: melon, water, ice and blend. The melon was very ripe so I didn’t need to add sugar. I did add a dash of cinnamon. Frothy!

cantaloupe soup


rustic love pie August 24, 2007

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I’ve lived in San Francisco for nearly ten years. In that time, I’ve met mostly people native to other locales. Locales with seasons. I never hear anyone say, “I miss sticky summers and walking into gnat swarms”, or “Black ice takes me back”. Usually it’s, “I miss Fall”. I do, too. So I made a pie.

krafty love pie

Well not yet this year, but a few back. It was a love pie. The love moved on, but I do have a photo memory of a tasty baked good. I can live with that. The photo reminds me that what I miss of “Fall”, and other seasons, are reminders that life is transient – strung together cycles of fried fresh corn, tomatoes from vines braced with pantyhose, Mom’s caramel cake, Christine’s potatoes and onions, 10 types of apples, pumpkin bread, and all the countless things that tie me to distinctly different years in my life. “That was the year the cake fell, but tasted good anyway”, or “We used sweet potatoes instead of russet”, and so on. My belly is my sundial.


fried squash blossoms August 22, 2007

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Wow, I loved these. Sooo yummy. My lovely blossoms were a treasured gift from last night! To preserve them until today, when I could prepare them properly, I nested them in a damp paper towel and refrigerated ’til tonight. I made the batter according to recipe, and dipped the babies, then gently laid them in hot oil, seconds away from popping.

gentle fry

I let them cook a total of 3-4 minutes, turning once. Next, I drained them, plated them, and promptly ate them.

squash blossom

You know who you are…thanks ❤