baked kabocha squash with vegetable stew December 2, 2007

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Thanks for the kabocha cuteness, i can has cheeseburgers !!

Originally planned for the Harvest Dinner menu, but by the end of dinner I was still carving into the pumpkin. Another time, perhaps? Yes.

I couldn’t find a pumpkin so I used this kabocha squash, which has a very hard, green, bumpy skin and shocking orange flesh. Since the end result has a lid I took off the stem and thin layer before cooking. Safety first when cutting into this thing!! First I brushed the kabocha with oil, seasoned it with salt, and I baked the whole thing for 30 min at 350, then 30 min at 400.

I scooped the insides (could not take out the inner flesh while raw – this is a very hard squash) after it baked and spooned in the stew. This made me happy!

roasted kabocha

stew in kabocha

kabocha with lid


Summer Refresher part II: korean BBQ kebabs September 4, 2007

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I have often been welcome at the family table of one of my best friends – there his mother shared exquisite meals and family recipes. Although my friend has moved away from home, (he now lives with me in SF) his mom still sends foodlove, double ziplocked and tupperwared for safe travel all the way to her son’s tummy. He’s 35! It’s really sweet. The best part is that on many occasions, once she learns your favorites, she’ll send a sizable helping of those, too. Thank you, Mrs. Kim!

I found a marinade online for vegan seitan Korean BBQ, but next time I’ll try this one: “Seitan cut into strips, marinated with tamari (soybean sauce), garlic, ginger, brown sugar, sesame oil, scallions, and [toasted] sesame seeds”. I used hunks of marinated seitan, slices of corn ears, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and orange bell pepper. Very “meaty”! Served over a bed of brown rice.

korean bbq seitan kebabs

Also, as promised, a second summer refresher!! Cold brewed “Black Cherry Berry” tea with hibiscus yummy, slices of lemon from our landlord’s tree, and a splash of grapefruit pop. Ahhh…

hibiscus black cherry berry spritzer

Leah stopped by, and is shown enjoying a dessert (I will catch hell for this!) of grilled white peaches, honey drizzle, and mascarpone.

leah + peach

I do the best I can as a friend, in my ability to forgive others, in my willingness to forgive myself, and in eeking my heart open a little for those around me. This b-b-q is dedicated to my friend Andy – I’m not always a good friend, but I love you.