tenzaru soba October 4, 2007

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Okay, that’s the last of the broccoli! A couple of stalks went a long way…
I also used these little squash, but I can’t remember their name. You’ll see. This is my favorite meal at a nearby noodle restaurant, and when I was in my cupboards the other day I realized I had a package of soba. Destiny!

(Added Oct 5 – these soba are served cold. The sauce I’ve mentioned in the comments is for dipping. If you try this yourselves, I recommend using fresh horseradish/wasabi if at all possible. At my neighborhood place, first you are served the broth, and then you add the grated horseradish, scallions, wasabi paste. I think the following changes would improve the sauce I made: making it more savory, deep and rich. It seems that a fish broth is key…or spending more time in general on the broth. Maybe a miso broth would be tasty! I am not a traditionalist, as you probably have noticed, but I do think that sauce contemplation is in order to truly highlight this special dish.  BTW, they’re “sunburst” squash.)

tenzaru soba

Welcome, Gibson!! (more later)


grilled trout, lemon tempura, & olive toasts September 22, 2007

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Here is my first non-vegetarian, or pescatarian meal. On rare occasions I eat seafood (I miss you already, veggies!). This being one, I grilled a small trout, stuffed with lemon, onion, cilantro, garlic, and oregano. I also made tempura (see batter), remembering in a previous post comment that Niece recommended I try using lemon slices. This worked very well! The rind is bitter, but I like bitter, and mellowed by cooking. Perfect company with fish. Mmm. I also prepared broccoli, carrot, onion, yellow potato, and zucchini tempura. To drink I had a refreshing pomegranate spritzer! Give this one a try!

grilled trout

trout and tempura

pomegranate spritzer